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Improvements discussed at PMC BoF at Akademy 2012

  • Have thumbnails for home screen items, remove recently played list from homescreen - Shaan7
  • Add spacing between progress and volume sliders
  • No browsing backends on plasma active
  • Unhide the browser when playlist reaches the end
  • Show a toggleable current/remaining time next to the sliders
  • Add Places items to browsing backends
  • Busy loading indicators whereever required
  • Video view is too crowded, show lesser videos on the screen. Also, give an option for list of videos rather than a grid to show full title
  • Handle keyboard/remote navigation as items are on screen. For example, pressing down button while at the bottom most media in the grid should switch to the Search panel
  • The new border shown in the Media Browser is ugly, remove it
  • Don't use bold or italic on text
  • Remove margins from where not needed/they dont look good
  • Move the back button to the controller
  • Let the user drag-n-drop to the playlist - ksinny
  • Make the browser titles be vertically aligned with each other so they look consistent
  • Elide text in the middle rather than the ends
  • In Picture Strip, try to focus on the middle item
  • Instead of typing out tags, its easier to select from a list
  • Make item highlight bigger than the item
  • Resume video from where the user left off
  • Auto hide cursor while video plays
  • Categorize the welcome screen (as the mockup on the drawing board)