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This page describes the plans to develop Plasma Mobile from a high-level. Day-to-day development and planning is done in KDE's Phabricator system.


Prototype (finished)

The Plasma Mobile prototype shows the viability of Plasma on a handheld device. The prototype boots a reference device, is able to make phone calls, select contacts from an address book and contains partly functional outlook on how handset running Plasma could look like. <embedvideo service="youtube">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auuQA0Q8qpM</embedvideo>

1.0 Feature Phone

Plasma Mobile 1.0 provides an end-user ready experience with a minimal, useful feature set. This includes the underlying OS and plumbing layers, a workspace to launch and manage apps, some basic system functions to set up the network, show connection status, etc.

See Plasma Mobile 1.0.

2.0 Basic Smartphone

Featured Smartphone

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