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= Development =
= Development =
; [[/Roadmap|Roadmap]]: What's the plan?
; [[/Code|Code]]: Where can I find the code?
; [[/Code|Code]]: Where can I find the code?
; [[/Contributing | Contributing]]: How can I contribute?
; [[/Contributing | Contributing]]: How can I contribute?

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Vision Statement

"Plasma Mobile aims to become a complete software system for mobile devices. It is designed to give privacy-aware users back the full-control over their information and communication. Plasma Mobile takes a pragmatic approach and is inclusive to 3rd party software, allowing the user to choose which applications and services to use. It provides a seamless experience across multiple devices. Plasma Mobile implements open standards and it is developed in a transparent process that is open for the community to participate in."

General Information
General Information about Plasma Mobile
Frequently Asked Questions


Design Workflow and Resources
How Plasma Mobile is being designed

Flashing and Testing

Flashing Neon or Arch-based LXC reference implementation w/ AOSP on a Nexus 5/Nexus 5X
Running Apps
How to start run on a Plasma Mobile device
Virtual Keyboard
How to set up the Maliit virtual keyboard


What's the plan?
Where can I find the code?
How can I contribute?

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