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Journal : Metadata Writeback

16th May

  • Organized the plugin folder.
  • Started working on exiv2 plugin.
  • Worked on the CMakeLists and .desktop file exiv2 plugin.
  • Made a rough list of exif properties that will be required.

17th May

  • Changed to libkexiv2.
  • Created the plugin.
  • Implemented for datetime, datetimeorignal, datetimedigitized, image orientation and image description exif properties.

18th May

  • Fixed a bug with my taglib plugin.
  • Tested the plugins using a example service.
  • Pushed the changes.

20th May

  • Cleaned the code of exiv2 plugin.
  • Started reading about Datamangement service.

21th May

  • Started reading about unit tests.

21th May

  • Started writing a unit test for the signals in resourcewatcher connection

22th May

  • Finished the unit test for the signals.
  • Read about akonadi to make a new plugin based on it.

23th May

  • Fixed obvious mistakes with the unit test.

24th May

  • Finished the unit test to test signals in data management service.

27th May

  • Started working on the akonadi plugin.
  • Read about various APIs required for it.

28th May

  • Discussed with trueg to changed the selection of plugin based on both mimetypes and rdf types.
  • Problems encountered with progress of akonadi plugin.

29th May

  • Discussed with various people regarding akonadi, got a basic view on how the plugin would actually work out.

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