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Konqi is giving a lesson.

The KDE Community runs several mentoring programs:

Informal Mentoring

In addition to the formal programs above, several community members are happy to help newcomers involved with the community. If you are a KDE Community member who is also willing to help out with this, just add your name!

Software Development

  • Torrie Fischer (tdfischer at fedoraproject dot org)
    Developer on the Phonon project
  • Eike Hein (hein at kde dot org)
    application developer; Plasma developer; Konversation maintainer; Yakuake maintainer
  • Nate Graham (nate at kde dot org)
  • Peter Simonsson (peter dot simonsson at gmail dot com)
    application developer; KOffice devel/Kivio maintainer
  • Will Entriken (kde dot org at phor dot net)
    Google Summer of Code KDE developer
  • Anne-Marie Mahfouf (annemarie dot mahfouf at free dot fr)
    KDE-Edu development, KDE4 development, and tutorial writing
  • Jeremy Whiting (jpwhiting at kde dot org)
  • Teo Mrnjavac (teo at kde dot org)
    Developer, Amarok
  • Carl Schwan (carl at carlschwan dot eu)
    Developer, KDE websites, Kontrast, NeoChat, Kalendar, general QML development
  • Myriam Schweingruber (myriam at kde dot org )
    Bug triager for Amarok and KDE, Quality Team, Documentation
  • Islam Wazery (wazery at ubuntu dot com )
    digiKam Developer


  • Albert Astals Cid (aacid at kde dot org)
    KDE development and translation
  • Kevin Scannell (kscanne at gmail dot com)
    linguistics, particularly interested in African languages
  • Marta Rybczyńska (kde-i18n at rybczynska dot net)
    coordinator of the Polish translation team (kde-i18n-pl)

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