Reason for this meeting

Have a meeting with the new Kubuntu Council and write down the Kubuntu Vision (Manifesto), and discuss about who we are, where we are going, why are we doing this.

In this meeting we SHOULD NOT DISCUSS:

  • technical implementation of anything
  • go into in depth details about how to do a specific task, that involved dev or packaging

In this meeting we MUST DISCUSS:

  • Community management
  • Team communication
  • Project partnerships
  • Project vision


Project Vision

What is a vision?

  • Who are we (Kubuntu) in the world?
  • What do we want to achieve?
  • Why are we doing this?

Team communication

  • What are our communication channels?
    • Between devs
    • With our users
  • Code of conduct
  • When do we use each communication channel and why?

Project partnerships

This is meant to be a discussion on how we can benefit from and help other projects work. This way we don't duplicate effort with other projects's.

  • what are they doing that we can use, and not do AGAIN ourselves?
  • what tools do they use that we can reuse?
  • what workflow do they have that we can inspire from?


  • Partnership with Ubuntu
  • Partnership with KDE
  • Partnership with Debian

Community management

To be noted...

  • Partnership with Neon

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