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This is a list of all known features in version 2.3. The definition of a feature for this page is functionality that is notable or surprising to an average member of our target users. For this reason basic things like "pick a colour" or "move a layer" or "delete a layer" aren't included. Please add any missing features.


 OpenGL where available (but not mandatory)
 Split View
 Toggle use same pixel aspect ratio
  • Colorspaces:
   La *b*
   8/16 bit



File Formats:

 Gimp XCF
 + more (expand)

Customizable UI:

 1 window or with floating tools / toolbar / dockers
 Context sensitive - eg snapping dockers only shows when shape layer selected

Tablet friendly UI

 Fullscreen painting
 Dragable sliders
 Global tablet sensitivity curve

Highly interoperable with Caligra Suite

Both bitmap and Vector (import SVG, editable text)

Flexible layering system:

 Bitmap (paint) layers
 Shape (vector) layers
 Clone layers
 Group layers
 Filter layers (non destructive)
 Generator layers (expand)
 Layer effects (eg DropShadow)

Transform tools:

 Both visual and numerical sheer, rotate etc
 Free point based warp tool

Painting assistants:

 Perspective grid

Wide variety of selection tools:

 *Vector selection (editable)
 Painted selection
 *Drawn outline
 *By Path
 By colour
 By fill
 Grow / Shrink

Fast basic navigation:

 GL Canvas rotate
 Mouse only pan & zoom
 Dragable brush size
 Popup pallete (expand)

Separate Image (like into channels for prepress?)

Multithreaded for speed

Macro recording / playback

Color Selector Dockers:

 NG colour selector - colourspace aware, multiple shapes, variant swatches, historical colours

Brush Engine:

 Brush shapes can be predefined shapes, bitmap images, svg shapes, text
 Per tool / all presets (can be OCS downloaded, uploaded?)
 Property curves: each property (eg size, opacity - expand) can be affected by sensors (x-tilt, pressure etc - expand) and refined with curves (can opacity be affected by pressure *and* speed?)
 Wide range of tools (hairy, spray, sketch,hatching, filter, deform, smudge plus more)
 Dual painting modes

Training from first open / first run image

A bunch of stuff that's only added with optional installs like openGTL (expand)

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