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2016 Krita Deventer Sprint

Meeting Munites 2nd version

Preparations work

  1. List of bugs that need to be fixed in group (cannot be fixed by a single developer, need consultations and so on)


  1. [DONE] How to set up a Mac dev environment (Boud and Dmitry)
  2. Group bug-fixing
  3. Planning for the Kickstarter
  4. Planning for Krita 3.0
  5. [DONE] Clean-up library mess (?). Library split after 3.0.
  6. New shortcuts. How to solve the problem?
  7. [DONE] warnKrita and dbgKrita policy. Now we don't see important messages, e.g. real warnings. And see too many messages in unittests. How to solve it?
  8. [DONE] opengl (first priority!!!)
  9. [DONE] Tags system and resources. People still report that their tags are lost/broken upon Krita restart/crash.
  10. Documentation for newcomers (users and developers)
  11. Bugs and tasks management. Should we make a bug-squad-team?

Future projects

  1. GPU-based layers and painting tools. What should it look like?
  2. [DONE] Cloud storage for Krita resources and configurations. Subscriptions?
  3. Scripting
  4. New brush engines. We need something really new. Known possibilities:
    1. Waterpaint brush
    2. Impasto? or:
    3. Real paint engine (bumpmap + height + bristles)
    4. Quick brush (quick but not smooth when painting)
    5. Marker brush (quick, but opacity is not variable)
  5. Database of testing images from users. Is it worth it?

Collect Requirements to Kickstarter stretch goals

  1. Animated format support
  2. Guides and Rulers
  3. HUD for manipulating common settings on canvas
  4. Fuzzy Strokes
  5. Grid Docker
  6. Improve Palette Docker