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== Links ==
* [http://code.google.com/p/android-quill/ Quill] is a vector based sketching application with pressure sensitivity on Android

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The goal of Krita Touch is to provide a touch friendly framework for painting applications on touch devices, such as Plasma Active or Android. The application should support drawing sketches to full feature paintings.

The framework should provides a basic set of QML components used for creating the tablet applications (ie colour selector, brush selector, layer box), and using that set of components, it should be possible to create tailored application for a specific use case or for a specific device.

Use cases

The application should be usable for any outdoors painting activity.

Sketch book

The artist is walking outside, see something that inspire him, take his tablet make a quick sketch of it.

Outdoor painting

The artist goes out with the goal of painting a landscape.


First release

List of features:

  • one infinite layer
  • save/load to .kra
  • brush selector
  • color selector
  • undo


This if the view of the main window for drawing:

Kritatouchmockup main.png

Color selector window:

Kritatouchmockup colorselector.png

Brush selector window:

Kritatouchmockup brushselector.png

The dash board should allow the user to configure widget to show (for instance, using some kind of plasma containers), those widgets would be a layer box, an undo history, sketch book, quick filters... This view also feature a permanent toolbar for new, open, save and settings.

Kritatouchmockup dashboard.png


  • Quill is a vector based sketching application with pressure sensitivity on Android

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