Krita Sprint 2011


  • plan is the first half of the 2011
  • LGM is in 10.5.2011 - 13.5.2011 (May)
  • Calligra sprint in 1.4.2011 - 3.4.2011 (April)


  • maybe Linuxhotel, Essen, Germany -- weekends available
  • or maybe Blender Instiute, Amsterdam, Netherlands -- Ton needs more information


Fill out at least the travel costs and if you need accommodation and sponsorship. For the travel cost please give an rough estimate.

Name estimated travel costs accommodation needed? sponsorship needed? Arrives Leaves Travel information availability
Lukáš Tvrdý not yet known yes yes friday sunday by airplane or train
David Revoy around 300€ yes yes fri/sat sun/mon by airplane (Toulouse)
Timothée Giet around 300€ yes yes friday sunday by airplane or train
Boudewijn Rempt not yet known yes yes friday sunday by airplane or train
Sven Langkamp Blender Institue ~80€ Linuxhotel ~0€ yes yes friday sunday by train
Matus Talcik 0 friday sunday
Dmitry Kazakov around 320€ yes yes friday sun/mon by airplane
Silvio n/a not in Amsterdam yes friday sun/mon n/a

Invited people


  • David Revoy
  • Animtim
  • Silvio Grosso

Possible other invites:

  • maxy -- can help out with mypaint paintop implementation problems within Krita
  • Peter Sikking -- we have set of the interaction problems in Krita (TODO: make a list of them)
  • pippin -- discussions about the performance of the Krita


  • demonstration of the various other painting software -- what do you miss in Krita?
  • pizza

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