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Feature Branches Workflow

  1. All your work on implementing new features should happen in separate branches, not in master.
  2. Branch name shoudl have the following structure <yourname>/<featurename>
  3. Merging of the branches to master is allowed during the 2-week merge window in the beginning of every 6-weeks release cycle
  4. Before merging the branch into master, you should make a review request for it.
# switch to your branch
git checkout your/branch/name

# make sure you have pushed your work to the repository
git push

# fetch the latest changes in origin/master
git fetch

# generate a diff relative to the remote version of master
arc diff origin/master

NOTE: Make sure you didn't merge master into your branch manually right before generating a diff! If you did, arcanist will overwrite your merging commit. If he did, reset your current head to the latest pushed commit

git reset --hard origin/<your/branch/name>
  1. Your review request text should be formatted as if it is a real commit. When you land the patch with arcanist, this text will be used for an actual commit
One line short description of the changes

Long description of the changed that happened
lately in your branch with mentioning all the cute
features it has and all the nice people you had to 
talk to to get the complete understanding of it.

Fixes T<phabricator-task-id-that-is-fixed>
Ref T<phabricator-task-id-that-is-related-but-not-fixed>

## Add next line if your commit has features that need to be added to the Krita Manual

## Add next line if your commit has features that need to be publised in social media/site/twitter
  1. Make sure you have put the keyword to close the bug you have fixed
  2. Make sure you have put the keyword to close or reference the Maniphest ticket you have been working on
  3. When you got the review and want to update your patch, do
git push
git fetch
arc diff --update D<your-revision-id> origin/master
  1. When you have green light for merging your branch into master, land it with the following command:
git checkout your/branch/name
arc land --merge --hold
  1. Make sure you use --merge option to avoid squashed commit. Squashed commits break git blame functionality, so are highly NOT recommended.
  2. Use --hold option to not allow arcanit to push your changes. It will prepare the commit for you, so you will be able to check the message and probably edit it with git commit --amend
  3. After you checked the commit message and tags, push your changes to the repository

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