Krita/Docs/Bug Naming Policy

Bugs stateflow

initially a bug comes in this state, when being triaged the bug should move either into CONFIRMED or NEEDSINFO
at least one developer or a member of Krita community managed to reproduce this bug. The bug in this state should be clear enough so the developers could reproduce it on their own computer. Please consult this guideline to check if there is enough information in the bug.
the developer took this bug but didn't manage to reproduce it yet
ASSIGNED + 'reproducible' keyword
the developer managed to reproduce this bug
neither developer nor community members could reproduce this bug and need some more info from the reporter. When answering the reporter should reset this bug into UNCONFIRMED state again. After a month without a reply from a reporter the developers will close the bug as WORKSFORME
when neither developers nor a community can reproduce the bug and the reporter cannot provide any more information. This bug can still be reopened by the users.

User notice text:

The developers did not find a way to reproduce the bug, so it bug had been marked as RESOLVED as WORKSFORME. If you still encounter this bug, please add your comment and reopen this report with setting its state to REOPENED so that developers would see it.

Wishes stateflow

a wish is reported by a user.
a wish is confirmed by the community to be a valid feature for Krita
Task + CONFIRMED + 'future_project' keyword
a wish can be considered as the next Kickstarter stretchgoal or just a nice project for developers to work on. The task should be complete enough to work on, e.g. have drafts and/or mockups

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