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Krita/Brushes Preset Preview

This document aim to provide standards propositions to unify the default brush preset icons of Krita , and ease the work of preset maintainers. It also provide templates to ease creation and a tutorial for new brush creator.


Small step if you want to standardize your preset icons

  1. Clean resources in Krita (Edit > Resources > Clean Up removed files) then go to ~/.kde/share/apps/krita/paintoppresets
  2. Open the *.kpp files you want to edit with Krita
  3. Drag and drop from this wiki page backgrounds or templates you want ( or use 'copy image' and 'Paste' )
  4. Draw over additional info : as painting the Stroke according to the color code, and Picto/text
  5. Save file ( keep *.kpp extension ) ; at relaunch Krita should show your new icon customized

Default background

The default background is a neutral grey gradient, of 200px X 200px, without borders or decoractions

( Note : this picture is ready to drag & drop over Krita, or 'copy image' and 'paste' )



A preview icon is composed of 3 main blocks :

Areas Template.png
  • Text/Picto area : a zone to write or use little picture
  • Stroke area : a preview of the brush stroke itself
  • Emblem/Icon : a visual to ease memorization of the brush


The brush preview feature a mini representation of the stroke. This stroke is colored with those color codes :

  1. Black or Dark grey or grey --> "normal"
  2. White or Checker --> "erase"
  3. Dark blue --> "color-smudge smearing mode"
  4. Purple --> "color-smudge dulling mode"
  5. Green --> "strokes with heavy textures"
  6. light-blue --> "Smudging/Duling presets only"
  7. Rainbows --> "presets with blending modes color"
  8. Dark red / crimson --> "presets with blending modes to darken ( burn/multiply/dark ) "
  9. Pale light yellow --> "presets with blending modes to enlight ( dodge/screen/addition/lighten ) "
  10. {placeholder}
  11. {placeholder}
  12. {placeholder}

Note : The stroke can be exaggerated to boost the particular aspect of a brush.

Emblem / Icon

An icons/emblems pasted on the "brush preset preview" ease the selection for user with a visual memory. It also make the UI more user friendly

Icons can be vector, or 2D painted representation of tools or object.

To ease brush preset creation here is a pack of picture ready to customize ( Note : thoses pictures are ready to drag & drop over Krita, or 'copy image' and 'paste' )

Feel free to add more variations to this list as *.png 200x200px

text / Picto


A little optionnal text or logo that can be added on the top left corner. It might be related to the size, effect, or other factor The text can be written in any colors , but neutral are adviced ( white / grey / black ).

examples :

  • Icon of a drop = the preset feels wet
  • 'HB' ( text ) = the preset feels like a pencil 'HB'
  • '0.1' (numeral) = the size of the preset is thin
  • Icon of a star = the preset does Fx
  • Icon of a warning = the preset is still experimental


Brush names should be kept simple and not use a particular prefix to workaround the lake of sorting on Krita.

  • Simple words, composed of 3 words maximum
  • *.kpp filenames similar to preset name


As for any painting ressources, CC-Zero or Public Domain is adviced to let freedom of use to the end-users. You can't really ask a user to attribute your name each time one of your brush kit appears on a screenshot or is used into an artwork.

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