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Part-time plan

  • Bugs Fixed (end-September - October)
308060	krita 	Line and Polyline tools ignore opacity and flow values
307769	krita 	brush outline does not represent brush and leaves artefacts 
307588	krita 	rotation of .gih brushes is broken
304369	krita 	mask origin is messed up on saving/loading
305782	krita 	Scale a layer in X axis, then Undo causes a layer has jump left or right
273918	krita 	The channel docker is broken
294122	krita 	Filter layers over a transparent background also display their source (minus the filter effect) - 100% replicatable
309099 	krita 	Crash on creating an Adjustment Layer with Blur filter
  • Implement a cache for dabs --- DONE
  • Implement compositioning using Vc --- WIP
  • Bugs --- WIP
298584 	krita 	usabilit 	When moving a layer that is fully selected it should not create an empty layer
309628 	krita 	general 	Undo/Redo of Select and Deselect commands sometimes causes a crash
  • Bugs --- yet to be fixed
[1]	Transform tool does not giving expected results
[2]	problems with transform tool: undo, handles, bigger selection
[3]	16 and 32 bits float : Layer "lock" when moving exposure
[4]	Zoom center is wrong (was: Canvas Interaction feedback)
[5]	Zoom factor : unify 'mouse wheel zoom' and keyboard zoom ( Ctrl +  , and Ctrl  - )
[6]	Painting on 16-bit images with 2+ layers blocks the UI while painting
[7]	Krita color source in brush engine bad behaviour
[8]	transform tool switches back to previous layer on undo

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