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The KEXI Team values your input and questions!

Recommended forms of contact

All forms of contact are open for everybody.

  • Mailing lists[1]:
    • [email protected] mailing list for KEXI users, where they can ask for help and assistance, and find some news
    • [email protected] mailing list dedicated for KEXI contributors, useful to be discuss KEXI matters with others, manage the development process, and to efficient contact with other people involved in the project


For technical reasons please don’t send attachments bigger than 140KiB to the mailing lists or your emails will be rejected. To share big please use and only insert links in your posts.

Contact in other languages:

  • (none for now)

Real-time contact with contributors and other users:


Donate money to the KEXI project, one time or every month:

Quick link:

Requesting a feature, enhancement or a fix

  • Who codes decides. Who donates decides too. Decide on feature, enhancement or fix that will be developed next for you in KEXI!
  • Add an Issue at and click a Post a bounty on it! link on the bottom of your reported issue. Or visit and click on your reported issue.
  • The bounty system is hooked into Issues tracking system of GitHub, we're sorry for inconvenience because is our official bug tracking. Anyway, report an issue on GitHub add a and we'll handle the rest for you. Or send us the request by email or via Whatever suits you.
  • More information on how Bounties work:
  • We use pages of this wiki for design blueprints. Each such design page related to a bounty is listed on

Monthly donations

Even small monthly donation via Bountysource Salt ($5 or more) helps to reliably and predictably fund ongoing Open Source development of KEXI! More info.

Social Media

Contact active contributors directly

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