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Bug squad page


Here the overview of Kdenlive bugs: Overview

Here the chart: Kdenlive bugs status over time: Bug chart

Here the chart: Kdenlive open bugs over time: Open bugs

Setup for triage and search

Go to the Bugtracker: Bugtracker

Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Change Columns” -> add from the left window the item “Flags” and “Severity” to the right window


Click on “Change Columns” -> now you see the Flags which are set already -> click on “Flags” to get it sorted and you see all low_hanging bugs we found so far (I mean it could be a low hanging). The column “Sev” show you the “wis” for whislist and “cra” for crash as well.


For triaging read this site first: Bug Triaging. And more in detail: Guidelines and HOWTOs/Bug triaging

Beside this info of marking as duplicate, Junior job or solved: You can mark bugs with any of the 4 Tag types for better sorting/filtering for further "processing" with the following "meaning":

- Flag: “Low_hanging” for junior jobs

- Flag: “Brainstorm” where you are not sure if this bug is really fixed or is still a bug or a heavy bug (not a junior job)

- Flag: “MOVIT” for all GPU issues

- Flag: “timeline_corruption” for all timeline issues.

Other pages gathering bugs to work on

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