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|David Edmundson
|David Edmundson
| Friday
| Monday
|Daniele E. Domenichelli
|daniele DOT domenichelli AT gmail DOT com

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  • When: Friday 17th September to Monday 20th September 2010
  • Where: Cambridge, UK

(Recommend travel to either London Stanstead airport or by train (Eurostar from Europe)).

More precise details will follow shortly.

Sprint venue/internet connection/pizza/drinks sponsored by Collabora


The purpose of this sprint is to allow all of those involved in Telepathy/KDE to meet up and have some productive face to face discussions/work at the time when the project is getting ready to make a release. This sprint will *not* cover integrating Telepathy in other applications, but is focused on getting the Telepathy infrastructure in KDE sorted out.

We will:

  • Take stock of what's going on
  • Final plans for the preview release
  • Complete API review of all public APIs
  • Thorough review of all Nepomuk usage
  • Complete review of each and every component in Telepathy/KDE

If you are involved in KDE/Telepathy, do come along!

Time Plan

  • Friday: arrive, social stuff
  • Saturday: the serious stuff begins
  • Sunday: more serious stuff
  • Monday: depart


If you plan to attend, please add yourself to the table below.

Name Email Travel sponsoring Accommodation sponsoring Arrival date Departure date
George Goldberg grundleborg@googlemail.com by Collabora by Collabora Friday Tuesday
George Kiagiadakis kiagiadakis.george@gmail.com none none Friday Tuesday
Dario Freddi drf@kde.org by Collabora by Collabora Friday Monday
David Edmundson kde@davidedmundson.co.uk none none Friday Monday
Daniele E. Domenichelli daniele DOT domenichelli AT gmail DOT com none none Friday Monday

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