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  • When: Friday 17th September to Monday 20th September 2010
  • Where: Cambridge, UK

(Recommend travel to either London Stansted airport or by train (Eurostar from Europe)).

More precise details will follow shortly.

Sprint venue/internet connection/pizza/drinks sponsored by Collabora

Travel and Accommodation

  • If you are definitely intending to come, you should go ahead and book your own travel.
  • We will book accommodation as a group once the final list of participants is confirmed. You should indicate in the table below if you want accommodation booking as part of the group or not (you will be emailed with price/location and asked to confirm before we actually make any booking if you indicate that you do want accommodation).


The purpose of this sprint is to allow all of those involved in Telepathy/KDE to meet up and have some productive face to face discussions/work at the time when the project is getting ready to make a release. This sprint will *not* cover integrating Telepathy in other applications, but is focused on getting the Telepathy infrastructure in KDE sorted out.

We will:

  • Take stock of what's going on
  • Final plans for the preview release
  • Complete API review of all public APIs
  • Thorough review of all Nepomuk usage
  • Complete review of each and every component in Telepathy/KDE
  • Create a person management gui and an API draft (trueg: so I wont forget)

If you are involved in KDE/Telepathy, do come along!

Time Plan

  • Friday: arrive, social stuff
  • Saturday: the serious stuff begins
  • Sunday: more serious stuff
  • Monday: depart


If you plan to attend, please add yourself to the table below.

Name Email Travel sponsoring Accommodation sponsoring Need accommodation booking? Arrival date Departure date
George Goldberg [email protected] by Collabora by Collabora yes Friday Tuesday
George Kiagiadakis [email protected] none none yes Friday Tuesday
Dario Freddi [email protected] by Collabora by Collabora yes Friday Monday
David Edmundson [email protected] none none yes Friday Monday
Daniele E. Domenichelli daniele DOT domenichelli AT gmail DOT com none none yes Friday Monday
Andre Moreira Magalhaes andre DOT magalhaes AT collabora DOT co DOT uk by Collabora by Collabora ? Friday Monday
Olli Salli olli DOT salli AT collabora DOT co DOT uk by Collabora by Collabora yes Friday Monday
Dominik Schmidt $firstname dot $lastname at udo dot edu none none yes Friday Monday
Will Stephenson [email protected] none none yes Friday Sunday
Sebastian Trueg [email protected] none none yes Friday Sunday