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(KDE Telepathy - Real-Time Communication and Collaboration)
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'''''This is a work-in-progress page! A lot of what is below is still pretty much BRAINDUMP. Edit with care.'''''
= KDE Telepathy - Real-Time Communication and Collaboration =
==[[/Getting_Involved | Getting Involved]]==
==[[/Developers | Information For Developers]]==
==[[/Testers | Information For Testers]]==
==Useful Background Information==
==[[/Packaging_Guide | Information for Packagers]]==
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! Status
! Project
! Description
! Contact
{{FeatureDone|kttsd|Clean up kttsd by making it a simple wrapper around speech-dispatcher|[email protected]|Jeremy Whiting}}

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KDE Telepathy - Real-Time Communication and Collaboration


Welcome to the KDE Telepathy Development Wiki

Current Version: 0.9.0
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Getting Involved

Information For Developers

Information For Testers

Information for Packagers

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