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* Bugs to discuss
* Bugs to discuss
** fix debugger tooltips (they behave in an annoying way if the mouseover target is changed quickly)
** fix debugger tooltips (they behave in an annoying way if the mouseover target is changed quickly)
** [Crash bugs on pressing enter? What's the status here? Those are *really* bad.] fixed from what I heard? :)
** <strike>Crash bugs on pressing enter? What's the status here? Those are *really* bad.</strike> fixed, but waiting upstream, see: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27322 and https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-23871
** Crash bugs on switching areas / closing all files
** <strike>Crash bugs on switching areas / closing all files</strike> fixed, see https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/kdevelop/kdevelop/repository/revisions/512cb5623501be8052d0bd9b6b674c3bf627095c
** Crash when deleting folder containing files
** <strike>Crash when deleting folder containing files</strike> fixed, see https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/kdevelop/kdevplatform/repository/revisions/2e0a618e43e1fe36202be5808455779c4804a99e
* Things to improve
* Things to improve
** Better launch config dialog! It's unusable currently.
** Better launch config dialog! It's unusable currently.

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Things to be discussed:

  • KDevelop as an SDK: Frameworks/Epics/KDevelop_based_SDK
  • KDevelop on Windows/Mac, anybody knows what's going on?
  • Static Analysis and KDevelop, what can we do?
  • Reusable libs/tools for C++ preprocessing, parsing, semantic analysis
    • even preprocessing lib can't be reused because it uses IndexedString which requires item repository
    • clang is the future
  • Operations
    • Mailing lists moving to KDE? What will we have to change, if anything?
    • kdevelop.org domain transfer to KDE e.V.?
    • extract quanta repositories to playground: css, sql, xml, crossfire, phpformatter
    • can we get someone to make reviewboard preserve the orignal uploaded patch file (with git author information)?
    • first alpha releases: qmake, css(?), ruby, python, xdebug, executebrowser, upload...?,
  • review, fixup, test, merge
    • Miha's branches
      • Can we merge yet?
      • Can we better integrate the unit tests?
    • kdev-valgrind
    • perforce
    • mercurial
    • control flow graph
  • General stuff
    • More default colour schemes for kate/kdevelop editor component?
    • New splash screen! :)
    • add a C++/KDE application template which uses a QtDesigner .ui file?
    • Different default settings for kate:
      • Who uses 8-width tab indent?
      • Who does not want backspace at the beginning of a line to unindent? etc.
    • Any chance to get focus-follows-mouse for the kate/kdev built-in terminal? It's very confusing when used with an environment which normally has focus-follows-mouse (kwin has such an option too, maybe the setting could be coupled to that?).
  • Bugs to discuss
  • Things to improve
    • Better launch config dialog! It's unusable currently.
    • minor: only suggest include completion entries for 1 or 2-char names if requested explicitly? I often accidentially include stuff which defines a struct called "c" or so.
    • Search in Files: The "new search" icon / button is not obvious. It looks like a settings button. Maybe give it a text, or a different icon?
    • make quickopen delay configurable? it still annoys me significantly.
    • a visually more attractive "pick session" dialog
    • multi core performance
    • general memory and single core performance
    • fix slowdown of project context menu caused by "git status" call or something similar
    • support DnD copy in project view
    • support Copy/Paste of files in project view
    • improve FileSystem view:
      • support multiple file managers
      • bookmarks in file managers (stored per session or project)
  • Technical
    • Formatting of autocompletion list entries: incredibly difficult, can we get something less complicated like HTML/CSS text formatting?
    • kate autocompletion API: can we get a way to mark items as "unimportant", sorting them at the very end of the list regardless of alphabetic sorting? Otherwise it's very difficult to offer 20 different entries starting with __ without being annoying.
    • kate autocompletion: do not complete when only single option is presented
    • discuss how to properly implement class/function aliases for scripting languages in the duchain
    • different/other backends for duchain
  • unified coding style and licenses on all kdev* code
  • "generic" language plugin? could work similar to kate syntax files (or even use them?) and provide autocompletion (and maybe highlighting / navigation) based on that. it would be very useful to implement rudimentary support for languages like JS which have nobody working on them specifically.
  • Refactoring actions: how to share them between different languages?

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