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KDE Utils/kwallet

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kwallet is actually not a single program but consists of several parts scattered across all of the kde modules.

NOTE: kwallet will be replaced by KDE_Utils/ksecretsservice

part svn purpose important classes
Backend kdebase/runtime/kwalletd/backend/ reading/writing kwl files and encryption KWallet::Backend, KWallet::Entry
UI components kdelibs/kdeui/util provides the client API for kwallet, mostly dbus client stubs KWallet::Wallet
kwalletd kdebase/runtime/kwalletd the actual kwalletd, currently a module to kded accepting client requests using dbus. This part also has some GUI eg. for authenticating a user. KWalletD, KWalletWizard, KTimeout
kwalletmanager kdeutils/kwallet The application the user uses for managing the wallets and the password entries. none



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