KDE Utils/kwallet

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KWallet is actually not a single program but consists of several parts scattered across all of the KDE modules.


It may happen that some day KWallet will be replaced by ksecretsservice

part svn purpose important classes
Backend kde-runtime/kwalletd/backend/ reading/writing kwl files and encryption KWallet::Backend, KWallet::Entry
UI components kdelibs/kdeui/util provides the client API for kwallet, mostly dbus client stubs KWallet::Wallet
kwalletd kdebase/runtime/kwalletd the actual kwalletd, currently a module to kded accepting client requests using D-Bus. This part also has some GUI e.g. for authenticating a user. KWalletD, KWalletWizard, KTimeout
kwalletmanager kdeutils/kwallet The application the user uses for managing the wallets and the password entries. none