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Look what could be worked on next by scanning the KDE Bug Tracking System:


Version GUI Translation Handbook Translation
19.08 kgpg.po kgpg.po
19.04.3 kgpg.po kgpg.po

For more information about contributing to the KGpg translation, go to Get Involved/translation.


Most of the information about building KGpg are available in Get Involved/development.

Configuring the build

This additional information can be put in your $HOME/.kdesrc-build to enable the debug build.

options kgpg
end options

Alternatively in case KGpg is build using git and CMake directly. The Cmake command is:

cmake -D KGPG_DEBUG_TRANSACTIONS=On -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug path/to/project/root

Useful tips

Shut down the old version

In case an older version of KGpg is already running starting the newly built one will only tell the older one to raise, so you will actually not get the behavior of the new version. Either click Quit from the File menu or use the shortcut to trigger this action, usually Ctrl + Q. Please note that pressing Alt + F4 or closing the window will not quit the old KGpg instance in the default configuration, but will just cause it to hide in the system tray.

You can also tell KGpg to quit from the command line:

qdbus org.kde.kgpg /MainApplication quit

Enable debug printing

When you run KGpg from the command line it will print out some useful status information. This printing can be controlled using the tool kdebugdialog. Enter kgpg in the filter at the top of the application window and enable all entries you find. Please note that you do not need to enable the one labled kgpgconf, as that is a totally unrelated application.


Version Sources
19.08 (KDE Applications 19.08, Development) Program
19.04 (KDE Applications 19.04, Released): Program
18.12 (KDE Applications 18.12, Released): Program
18.08 (KDE Applications 18.08, Released): Program
18.04 (KDE Applications 18.04, Released): Program
17.12 (KDE Applications 19.12, Released): Program
17.08 (KDE Applications 17.08, Released): Program
17.04 (KDE Applications 17.04, Released): Program
16.12 (KDE Applications 16.12, Released): Program
2.18 (KDE Applications 16.08, Released): Program
2.17 (KDE Applications 16.04, Released): Program
2.17 (KDE Applications 15.12, Released): Program
2.16 (KDE Applications 15.08, Released): Program
2.15 (KDE Applications 15.04, Released): Program
2.14 (KDE Applications 14.12, Released): Program
2.13 (KDE Applications 4.14, Released): Program
2.12 (KDE SC 4.13, Released): Program
2.11 (KDE SC 4.12, Released): Program
2.10 (KDE SC 4.11, Released): Program
2.9 (KDE SC 4.10, Released): Program
2.8 (KDE SC 4.9, Released): Program
2.7 (KDE SC 4.8, Released): Program
2.6 (KDE SC 4.7, Released): Program
2.5 (KDE SC 4.6, Released): Program
2.4 (KDE SC 4.5, Released): Program
2.3 (KDE SC 4.4, Released): Program
2.2 (KDE 4.3, Released): Program
2.1 (KDE 4.2, Released): Program
2.0 (KDE 4.1, Released): Program
1.7 (KDE 4.0, Released): Program
1.2 (KDE 3.5, Released): Program