53366umbrelloproject settings not saved[email protected]
53372umbrelloFlexible documentation for code export[email protected]
53378umbrelloSequence and Collaboration diagram switching[email protected]
53382umbrelloround-trip code import and generation[email protected]
55237umbrellocreate associations with a mouse drag[email protected]
55250umbrellogenerate code from activity and sequence diagrams[email protected]
57517umbrelloAdd array and mixed types for method parameters and returns[email protected]
57580umbrelloMore flexible author heading variable[email protected]
57663umbrelloActions on multiple selections[email protected]
59605umbrellocode generator for objective c[email protected]
61375umbrelloAdd possibility to configure linebreak before opening brace in C++[email protected]
67006umbrelloMultiline labels make drawings more compact[email protected]
73847umbrellosupport for UML tagged values[email protected]
74429umbrelloAvailable datatypes should be standardised[email protected]
75834umbrelloBetter widget for editing attributes[email protected]
76357umbrelloUndocked documentation and tree view windows could have hot keys for faster show and hide[email protected]
77665umbrellobusiness extension such as Eriksson-Penker[email protected]
78359umbrelloSpell checker for comments[email protected]
79028umbrelloReport or view (diagram) of any entity dependencies[email protected]
80556umbrelloshow inherited members in classes that implement interfaces[email protected]
83444umbrelloAdd what's this help[email protected]
83876umbrellowish: represent tokens in activity diagrams[email protected]
84622umbrelloSuggestion, dia uml import plugin[email protected]
85261umbrelloShared Object Database For Groupwork[email protected]
89167umbrellosupport for utility classes[email protected]
89980umbrelloallow to configure default colors for individual shapes[email protected]
95352umbrelloshow relationships between fields in database entities[email protected]
95734umbrelloImplement grouping of elements[email protected]
95735umbrelloImplement joined Generalisation-Realisation arrows[email protected]
95736umbrelloAdd more universal drawing objects[email protected]
95782umbrelloBetter support for JavaScript code generation[email protected]
96897umbrelloShow just the main attributes and methods in UML class diagrams[email protected]
97291umbrellointegrate properties window in main window[email protected]
98652umbrelloSuggestions for improved state diagrams[email protected]
100648umbrelloTool to normalize object distribution[email protected]
104777umbrelloMetrics and Audits are missing[email protected]
105913umbrelloButton on "New Attribute" and "New Operation" (probably others) to add, and stay open to speed up adding multiples[email protected]
105914umbrelloBring documention field for attributes and operations to the properties editor[email protected]
107791umbrelloSTL support, type prefixing, type suffixing[email protected]
109318umbrellohelp does not tell me how to work with java, code generation does not work...[email protected]
109632umbrelloAbility to reconnect associations (connectors)[email protected]
109909umbrellopython code generation missing class attributes, init code.[email protected]
112529umbrelloExtremely slow response in Property dialog box, when #membersfunctions >= 40[email protected]
114479umbrelloUML model tree does not expand/collapse when double-clicked[email protected]
115269umbrelloImplement the UML 2.0 standard[email protected]rg
116113umbrellochange max line length to 75 or 80 chars in predefined headings[email protected]
120390umbrelloInclude UML documentation in help file[email protected]
120830umbrelloWish: Support for qt signals/slots[email protected]
120862umbrellodata types: C++ pointers and references[email protected]
121725umbrelloadd support for Qualified Association[email protected]
123159umbrelloxmi, unrecognized xml elements are not preserved[email protected]
123276umbrellomultiplicities should be possible for attributes and not just for associations[email protected]
123857umbrelloIt should be possible to comment the return value of methods[email protected]
124330umbrelloright-click on tab should have "Print..." option[email protected]
126278umbrelloSuggestion: open xmi.gz files[email protected]
127805umbrelloWish Default Data Types Into Config File Can be User Defined[email protected]
130261umbrellofeature request - more than one message per line (collaboration diagram)[email protected]
130418umbrellowish: math formulas in (or as) notes[email protected]
130615umbrellowish: rotated notes in diagrams[email protected]
130967umbrellowish: add functions to adjust box dimensions[email protected]
131791umbrelloWish: SysML additions to program[email protected]
132360umbrelloGlobal settings for grid[email protected]
134500umbrelloEiffel code generator is missing[email protected]
136848umbrelloprogram design: UMLAssociation handling[email protected]
142419umbrellomissing Ada method generation for composition and aggregation[email protected]
144561umbrelloEntering a non-exisiting type in the operation return value combobox should automatically create that class[email protected]
145181umbrelloCannot define a system boundary for an use case[email protected]
147447umbrelloSupport for MBRA UML risk assessment modelling[email protected]
147918umbrelloRight click (class diagram) item to display it in workspace[email protected]
148806umbrelloAdd support for different date formats in headings for code generation[email protected]
151855umbrelloCode generation formatter needs more options[email protected]
271867umbrelloNo support for multiple associations for the same pair of classes.[email protected]
291763umbrelloImprovements to widgets paste location[email protected]
300531umbrelloUmbrello has no mechanism to globally set persistent diagram style / font properties[email protected]
338649umbrelloExtend C++ import for C++11[email protected]

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