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KDE Mobile/Sprints/November2011-Planning


The primary goal of the sprint is to get KDE Applications ported to Harmattan using the plasma qt components from kde-runtime master, declaratives or plain QML for the time being where it lacks, but at least reach a good progess on those. Note, Calligra, Gluon, KAlgebra and maybe something else are already running on the device to a certain extent, so it is not impossible. :)


November, 18th - 20th

Location / Travel Information



Newtonstr. 15, Berlin - Physics Institute of the Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. 

Getting there by public transportation:

Getting in:


Berolina Airport Hotel, http://www.berolinahotels.de/en/airport/location.html

It seems the wifi internet connection is included (I also hope price-wise, too): http://www.berolinahotels.de/en/airport/rooms.html

Public Transportation

Reginal trains/S-Bahn/U-Bahn/Tram/Bus Tickets


Everywhere you need to go is covered by the 'AB' zone tickets, with the exception of SXF, for that you need one for the 'ABC' zone.

Buying Tickets

Tickets can be bought at ticket machines which you'll find at every station and the bus stop at TXL. On stations with long-distance connections you might find two types of ticket machines, use the ones labeled 'BVG' in black on a yellow square, not the ones labeled 'DB' or 'Deutsche Bahn'.

Ticket machines always take coins, and sometimes bills and ec cards (no credit cards IIRC).

Prices and Price Optimizations

Single trip costs 2.30€ in 'AB' zone and 3.00€ for 'ABC'. The ticket if valid for a single trip (including changing trains, as long as you go roughly into one direction) for all means of transportation listed above, ie. you don't need two tickets when switching from S-Bahn to U-Bahn for example. Tickets have to be stamped before entering the train once.

There are a number of optimizations though:

  • You can purchase a batch of four tickets at once ("4 Fahrten Karte"), which costs 8.20€ for 'AB'.
  • If you plan to do more than 2 trips a day, purchase the day ticket instead, 6.30€ for 'AB'.
  • If you do two trips a day with 4 or 5 persons, consider the group day ticket ("Kleingruppenkarte"), which costs 15.00€ for 'AB'.
  • If you only travel for three stops, there is the short trip ticket which costs 1.40€. This might be interesting in combination with the next option.
  • If you are traveling together with a local who has a monthly ticket, one additional person can tag along for free after 20:00 on workdays and during the entire day on weekends and public holidays.

Schedule can be checked online (see link below), which makes sense when traveling outside of the normal working hours on weekdays (where trains go every 5 minutes). During weekdays service ends at around 1am. On weekends, public holidays and nights leading up to those trains usually go all night but only every 15 or 20 minutes.

More Information

Local transportation in Berlin

Subway and railway map of Berlin


Taxi to TXL costs 20-25€.


There are currently two active airports in Berlin: Tegel (TXL) and Schönefeld (SXF). Make sure you know which one to go to, picking the wrong one has only happened to locals so far and you don't want to change that :)

TXL is not connected to any train line, but there is a shuttle bus (called 'TXL') leaving in front of the terminal building towards the city center.

SXF has a station for both regional trains (red 'B' on white square) and a S-Bahn line (white 'S' on green circle).

Berlin airport website (includes airport maps etc.)










  • report on the conference


  • check that our "discoveries" get into another sprints

Open Questions

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