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This page is archived. See page history.

Dependency changes

Status Object Change description Responsible
DONE kdeinit4 Depend only on kdecore, have the other ones dynamically dl-opened if available <[email protected]>
DONE libplasma Make kdewebkit optional, use QtWebkit <[email protected]>
DONE libplasma Make knewstuff optional, #ifdef relevant code <[email protected]>
DONE libplasma Make solid optional, #ifdef relevant code <[email protected]>
DONE libplasma Make kio optional, use QFileDialog <[email protected]>
DONE libkio Make solid optional (disable KDeviceListModel and KStatusBarOfflineIndicator, make KDesktopFileAction less clever, also see KMountpoint below) <[email protected]>
DONE libkdnssd Use KCoreConfigSkeleton (removes kdeui dependency), unfortunately in public API, can be done only for the mobile profile <[email protected]>
TODO libknewstuff3 Use Attica only, remove KIO dependency <[email protected]>
DONE libkunitconversion Use QNetwork* instead of KIO and Solid, makes it depend on kdecore only <[email protected]>

Class moves (BIC on Windows and Mac)

Status Library Change description Responsible
DONE libkio Move KArchive and children in kdecore/io, affects libplasma <[email protected]>
DONE libkio Move KMountpoint (needs KMountpoint to not use solid anymore, use /dev/disk/by-uuid instead) to kdecore <[email protected]>
DONE libkio Move KDirWatch (needs KMountpoint moved first) to kdecore, affects kwallet, libplasma <[email protected]>
DONE libkutils Split kutils in several specialized libraries (still build a dummy libkutils depending on the new libraries in the desktop case) <[email protected]>


Status Object Change description Responsible
TODO libkdecore Make ktoolinvocation use QDesktopService and not klauncher (needs to check feasibility) <[email protected]>
TODO libkio In process ioslaves (libkio stops using klauncher) <[email protected]>
TODO libkio Investigate removing libstream* deps. Requires making KFileMetaInfo and PredicateProperties no-ops or use nepomuk? <[email protected]>