Day 1


  • lqt can't be solved atm, the extension is not stable atm
  • instructions are changed for editing pages
  • testing anonymous edits and see if it works out to reach new contributions
  • sidebar is changed to reflect easier use
  • /en pages are finally fixed!!!!! (niklas)
  • slightly changed background/color (eugene)
  • translation memory fixed, learns from translators (niklas)
  • archived (NS "Archive") pages automagically gets a noindex & nofollow entry in the html header (niklas & matthias)


  • toma is evil, we plan to trash capacity to joomla
  • new main site, reduce amount of blocks, new structure, new menu, new layout, less content on frontpage

Server side

  • stats set up on spider for capacity driven sites, needs to be watched for one month to see if the subdomains even make sense.


  • the webteam now has a logo, thanks to eugene

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