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'''Sponsor:''' Mario Fux <fux_AT_kde..org>
'''Sponsor:''' Mario Fux <fux_AT_kde..org>

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Sponsor: Mario Fux <fux_AT_kde..org>

RKWard is an easy to use and easily extensible IDE/GUI for R. It aims to combine the power of the R-language with the ease of use of commercial statistics tools.

RKWard's features include:

  • Spreadsheet-like data editor
  • Syntax highlighting, code folding and code completion
  • Data import (e.g. SPSS, Stata and CSV)
  • Plot preview and browsable history
  • R package management
  • Workspace browser
  • GUI dialogs for all kinds of statistics and plots

Its features can be extended by plugins, and it's all free software (Above information from the current Rkward homepage.)


List the people committed to the project and actively working on it:

  • Thomas Friedrichsmeier

Manifesto Compliance Plan

List the actions planned to get in compliance with the manifesto. Don't hesitate to even list parts of the manifesto which don't require action and highlight why. This part will really be used as a discussion starting point with the project sponsor.


Open Governance

Free Software



Common Ownership

End-User Focus


  • Code of Conduct: KDE Community Code of Conduct
  • Contributor License Agreement:
  • Established practices:
  • Source materials:
  • Online services:
  • KDE Licensing policy: (see point "Free Software")
  • KDE branding guidelines:
  • No patents

Proposed actions:

Candidate ready

Status Description Notes
DONE Project description ...
IN PROGRESS Project team
IN PROGRESS Manifesto compliance plan requires some checks


Status Description Notes
IN PROGRESS Repository and code available
IN PROGRESS Mailing list available
IN PROGRESS Website available
IN PROGRESS Active community
IN PROGRESS Manifesto compliance

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