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October, 21st - 23rd


A list of topics to discuss, in no particular order.

  • Settings
    • Exposing settings
    • Settings UI
      • Common (e.g. KCM)
      • Per-Application
    • Common QML Components for Settings
  • GluonGraphics
    • Finish Particle work and get it merged (ahiemstra)
    • Design and start implementing batch rendering optimisations (StuartMD)
    • Fix scissor test for visible area and scale ui depending on this area as well.
  • GluonInput
    • Re-visit the GluonInput API - to clean it up
    • Abstract Input Actions
  • GluonSmarts
    • Pathfinding algorithms (HA*?)
    • (leinir)
  • GluonPlayer
    • Clean up the mess that are the players currently.
    • Remove the Qt Extended Player ?
    • Sync up in the pure QML player with the new player models (ie.: proxy and so on) and remove old models accordingly
  • Moving Gluon to Extragear ?
  • Gluon as MeeGo/Mer Game Center? (usefulness in Tizen unknown but quite possible - web APIs and all that jazz)
  • Plans for the Gluon Plasmoid Player and Plasma Active ? Get built it into the PA image ? What are the obstacles for that ?
  • Google Code-In? Do we want to join, what tasks do we want to suggest?
  • General
    • Group photo =)
    • General report about the sprint to



Over the last couple of years it has become almost a tradition to have a Gluon sprint prior to Qt Developer Days in Munich. This year was not different. Through much effort, a sprint was pulled together for the Gluon team, in part commemorating the first of these sprints two years ago, where the Gluon Vision was first laid down, and in part to assist in the work towards the next release.

Group photo


  • The GluonSmarts game AI system was merged in. Now Gluon has a powerful game AI system available directly from the Gluon Creator game construction tool.
  • The potential of integrating Gluon Player with Telepathy was researched
  • Fixed a number of CMake related issues in Gluon's build system
  • Discovered a bug that may be responsible for some of the rendering issues on Windows
  • New QtOpenAL library, which is a splitting out of GluonAudio into two parts

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