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*** The current QtOpenAl project into openal as an openal Qt backend ?
*** The current QtOpenAl project into openal as an openal Qt backend ?
*** (Hanna Skott)
*** (Hanna Skott)
*** Some ideas: http://quickgit.kde.org/index.php?p=scratch%2Flpapp%2Fqtopenal.git&a=summary
** Channel support
** Channel support
** Advanced playlist support
** Advanced playlist support

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A list of topics to discuss, in no particular order.

  • Settings
    • Exposing settings
    • Settings UI
      • Common (e.g. KCM)
      • Per-Application
    • Common QML Components for Settings
  • GluonGraphics
    • Finish Particle work and get it merged (ahiemstra)
    • Design and start implementing batch rendering optimisations (StuartMD)
    • Fix scissor test for visible area and scale ui depending on this area as well.
  • GluonInput
    • Re-visit the GluonInput API - to clean it up
    • Abstract Input Actions
  • GluonSmarts
    • Pathfinding algorithms (HA*?)
    • (leinir)
  • GluonPlayer
    • Clean up the mess that are the players currently.
    • Remove the Qt Extended Player ?
    • Sync up in the pure QML player with the new player models (ie.: proxy and so on) and remove old models accordingly
  • Moving Gluon to Extragear ?
  • Gluon as MeeGo/Mer Game Center? (usefulness in Tizen unknown but quite possible - web APIs and all that jazz)
  • Plans for the Gluon Plasmoid Player and Plasma Active ? Get built it into the PA image ? What are the obstacles for that ?
  • Google Code-In? Do we want to join, what tasks do we want to suggest?

  • Formalities
    • Group photo =)
    • General report about the sprint to dot.kde.org

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