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Get Involved

Get Involved with KDE

Welcome to the KDE Community. By joining our team, you will be part of an international effort by thousands of people working to deliver a stunning Free Software computing experience. You will meet new friends, learn new skills and make a difference to millions of users while working with people from all around the globe. There are many different ways you can become part of this, just read on and pick an area which interests you or seems challenging.

Possible tasks include testing, bugreporting and triaging incoming bugreports; writing code, developing artwork, documentation or translations; supporting and maintaining our infrastructure; or spreading the word and helping out with promotion and marketing both on line and at tradeshows and conferences.

An additional source of information for newcomers is KDE TechBase: Contribute.


By becoming a developer in the KDE community, you can make a big difference while enjoying a challenging and fun experience. You'll learn to be a better coder, you will get to implement new features and defeat daunting bugs, creating a stunning product, all the while collaborating with people from all around the world.


Are you fluent in multiple languages? By contributing your translations of text to the KDE software, you will help KDE be a better part of the global market and more accessible to the millions of potential users out there.


Are you able to create images that move people? The KDE community is always in need of good art and even more so: good artists. Working with such an international team of volunteers over the web will certainly be a challenge, but a rewarding one. Icons, splash screens and themes create an identity for an application. By creating art for the KDE community, your portfolio will be seen by a large audience and will help KDE products have a strong branding - making a real, tangible difference.


There's lots of people using and testing KDE software. By providing useful and up-to-date documentation, you will make a big impact on helping people understand how to make the most of KDE SC.


Do you know how to get the word out on the street? Marketing and promotion of KDE is done through a mostly grassroots effort. By being a part of the team, you will be spreading the word of KDE to people that may not otherwise be able to benefit from it. You'll be part of a flexible and interesting team of people who are moving the world!


In the past, there was a specific team at KDE which was focused on finding loose ends in KDE applications and tying them together. This was a task of user case studies, writing articles, documentation, creating missing artwork for consistancy, and other miscellanea. Currently, this people working on this task do so in an independent capacity.


By making KDE software available to a wider audience, you will help make computing easier for people with visual, auditory and motor disabilities.

Bug Triaging

By joining the KDE BugSquad you will help developers notice valid bugs quicker and optimize their workflows, fixing the issues in less time, and giving practical support to the KDE community. Our team keeps track of incoming bugs in KDE software, and goes through old bugs. We verify that a bug exists, and is reproducible, and that the reporter has given enough information. Coding skills are not required to participate, however experience has shown us that our team members often learn so much and have so much fun we often lose them at some point to the ranks of the developer teams...

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