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Getting Started with KDE Accessibility


By making KDE available to a wider audience, you will help make computing easier for people with visual, auditory and motor disabilities. Some governments and large companies have specific criteria for procuring software. By following standardized procedures for documenting the compatibility of KDE with accessibility technology, KDE software will be a much better candidate for users with special needs.

Communicating with the team

There are many ways to get in touch with the team:
The team discusses activities on the kde-acessibility mailing list. Learn more about mailing lists.
The team also meets at #kde-accessibility on Learn more about IRC.
Also, see a list of people currently working on the project.

First Steps & Current Projects

The main activities of the project include assessing and improving the accessibility features of KDE. This is described at the KDE Accessibility HOWTO.

Work is tracked on Phabricator. See the Accessibility project and feel free to become a watcher or a member! There's always plenty to do. Another avenue is to just open the help section for any piece of KDE software. There are lots of opportunities to find and replace outdated screenshots or make sure that descriptions in the text are consistent with the interface of the software it is documenting. If you start with this, it should be simple to fix and commit your first contribution.

Mentor program

Getting started in a big project can be hard. Here are some people that are willing to help you on your way:

  • Jeremy Whiting (jpwhiting at kde dot org)
  • Sebastian Sauer (mail at dipe dot org)
    most involved with QAccessible/KAccessible
  • Contact Will Entriken (kde dot org at phor dot net) if you are interested in mentoring

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