KDE Connect for macOS port

KDE Connect works well on Linux and is built with KDE Frameworks and Qt. There is already “Continuity” on macOS for iPhone and iPad running iOS. But there is no support, and there will never be official support for Android phone on macOS. It makes sense to use KDE Connect on macOS to give Android users a better experience.

The work has two main parts:

  • Packaging KDE Connect on macOS
  • Making plugins work on macOS


[Done] Before May 6

  • ✅ Keep investigating the causes of failure of interface boot and try to fix it
  • ✅ Finish a HOW-TO wiki for building current version of KDE Connect on macOS

[Done] May 6 – May 26

  • ✅ Keep track of development discussion on IRC, mailing list and telegram group to get deeper knowledge of KDE Connect and KDE Community
  • ✅ Fix nightly build of macOS building on KDE Connect Jenkins
  • ✅ Try to fix the failure of interface boot

[Done] May 27 – June 16

  • ✅ Add vlc library blueprint of macOS version into Craft bin
  • ✅ Fix the failure of interface boot by packaging it to a DMG file
  • ✅ Use dbus in Craft rather than installing dbus with Homebrew
  • ✅ Fix scripts of “package” option in Craft to build a dmg image
  • ✅ Package kdeconnect-indicator, kdeconnectd, kdeconnect-cli to DMG package
  • ✅ Fix dependencies of kdeconnect-indicator, kdeconnectd, kdeconnect-cli in DMG package
  • ✅ DBus integration
  • ✅ Private DBus Support

[Done] June 17 – June 28

  • ✅ Inhibit screensaver implemented by macOS native command
  • ✅ Implement system volume plugin for macOS


Up to first evaluation, KDE Connect could be started without explicit configuration. User could use it as a normal application.

[Done] June 24 – July 21

  • ✅ Implement native notifications on macOS
  • ✅ Make the sftp plugin work by adding a stfp browser
  • ✅ Integrate KDE Connect with macOS finder extension, which allows users to send files directly from Finder, this is implemented by a native assistant application, user can install it as they wish
  • ✅ Make clipboard plugin work on macOS


[Done] July 22 – August 18

  • ✅ Implement virtual input plugin by coding another backend for macOS
  • ✅ Debug and fix share and receive plugin on both Android and macOS sides
  • ✅ Make the sftp plugin work by adding an integrated stfp browser
  • Release a production-ready install package of dmg format(CodeSign)


  • [Done] Milestone 1 (Bootstrap) and Milestone 2 (Basic package) will be done before evaluation 1, to make the application run normally without tedious configuration like now.
  • [Done] Milestone 3 (Native system Functionalities) will be done for evaluation 2. Meanwhile, Milestone 4 (Plugin Functionalities) should be started on mid-July, before the evaluation 2.
  • [WIP] Milestone 4 (Plugin Functionalities) and Milestone 5 (Complete package) will be done for final evaluation. And it will be a full deliverable version which is product-ready.

Work In Progress

  • Implement native notifications on macOS working on writing tests
  • Finish all documentation and clear up
  • Release a production-ready install package of dmg format

Accepted changes

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Craft Blueprints:


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