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In this page we'll describe the procedure to get access to the old history of a framework to cross to its original unsplit repository with git graft.

1) You need a local clone of qtrepotools. This is part of any qt5.git clone, or you can clone it separately using `git clone [email protected]:qt/qtrepotools.git`.

2) You need a local clone of kdelibs (the branch doesn't matter, it could be KDE/4.x, master, or the now-unused frameworks branch). Let's say this is in ~/kde4/kdelibs for instance.

3) Run this command from the frameworks directory (the parent directory of all the frameworks clones)

for d in * ; do ( cd $d ; /path/to/qtrepotools/bin/git-qt-grafts ~/kde4/kdelibs ) ; done

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