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In this page we'll describe the procedure to get access to the old history of a framework to cross to its original unsplit repository with git graft.

1. You need a local clone of qtrepotools. This is part of any qt5.git clone, or you can clone it separately using:

git clone git://

2. You need a local clone of kdelibs. The branch doesn't matter, it could be KDE/4.x, master, or the now-unused frameworks branch.

Let's say this is in ~/kde4/kdelibs for instance.

3. Run this command from the frameworks directory (the parent directory of all the frameworks clones)

for d in * ; do ( cd $d ; /path/to/qtrepotools/bin/git-qt-grafts ~/kde4/kdelibs ) ; done

4. It will fail for ktexteditor, since that one comes from the kate repository.

cd ktexteditor
/path/to/qtrepotools/bin/git-qt-grafts ~/kde4/kate

5. When you want to go really old and also outside of kdelibs domain, phabricator also has some web UI for the svn repo, usually faster and with more features: and then branches/KDE/ for version branches.

But (note the "Archived", not default list) has many of that as git conversions.