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Reducing class duplication with Qt

Some of the splitting for kdelibs are easily blocked by classes mentionned here. The goal of this epic, is to determine for each class what it will become. Possible solutions are:

  • go straight in hel^Wkde4support if it is obsoleted completely by a class in Qt;
  • have its features ported to the corresponding class in Qt 5, then moved to kde4support (in which case a corresponding task has to be opened in one of the Qt 5 epics;
  • if it provides a valid feature on its own on top of Qt (real novelty, not just some addon cramed into a subclass), decide on which framework it goes to;
  • if it's purely about integration among KDE applications, go straight to the upcoming kde "consistency" framework (Tier 4).

A row is marked as "done" when the investigation is done and TODOs have been added to the Qt-5.1 or kdelibs_cleanups pages. Not when the job itself is done.

Status Description Comment
IN PROGRESS KApplication : public QApplication kde4support is the plan, but we should check for specifics

IN PROGRESS KComboBox : public QComboBox, public KCompletionBase major features on top of Qt (completion), plus lots of small API things that should go into QComboBox (contains, ...). Final destination: a framework with the completion stuff?

IN PROGRESS KLineEdit : public QLineEdit, public KCompletionBase major features on top of Qt (completion), plus lots of small API or behaviors that should go into QLineEdit (see Qt 5.1 merging). Final destination: a framework with the completion stuff?

DONE KRestrictedLine : public KLineEdit Move to kde4support. Very few users, and a validator can be used instead.

DONE KDialog : public QDialog Mostly convenience and consistency -> tier4, after porting the rest of kdelibs away from it (except tier4 and kde4support/kde3support)

DONE KDialogButtonBox : public QDialogButtonBox Deprecate, move to kde4support, using QDialogButtonBox directly takes 2 or 3 lines of code (when using KGuiItem).

DONE KDoubleValidator : public QDoubleValidator Deprecate, move to kde4support, the merging of the locale stuff makes it obsolete.

DONE KIcon : public QIcon Discussed on kde-frameworks-devel, replace with one method.

DONE KLibrary : public QLibrary Adds KF5 search paths, so moved to the kservice framework. Should become mostly internal, though...
DONE KPluginLoader : public QPluginLoader Adds KF5 search paths, so moved to the kservice framework.

DONE KListWidget : public QListWidget only adds auto-select support, which was mainly meant for filemanagers. Port kdelibs to QListWidget, then move KListWidget to kde4support.

TO DO KMainWindow : public QMainWindow ?? <{{{3}}}>

DONE KMenu : public QMenu Title item support, and keyboard navigation. Could be added to QMenu.

TO DO KMenuBar : public QMenuBar ?? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO KProcess : public QProcess Code should be ported to QProcess (except kpty). <{{{3}}}>

DONE KPushButton : public QPushButton DnD support, only used in KUrlRequester in kdelibs -> create a helper class based on event filtering. Auth support -> rename to KAuthPushButton. Delayed menu support -> add to Qt 5.1..

DONE KSplashScreen : public QSplashScreen Only exists for KDE Xinerama settings, which are gone. -> kde4support

IN PROGRESS KStatusBar : public QStatusBar KStatusBar adds convenience to QStatusBar by making items changeable by id (but the same could easily be done by keeping a pointer to the QLabel widgets passed in) and emitting a signal when items are clicked (Again keeping pointers to the QWidgets would give the same signals)

IN PROGRESS KSystemTrayIcon : public QSystemTrayIcon KSystemTrayIcon is to be deprecated in favor of KStatusNotifierItem. Only additions are defaults (left click show main window, right click show KActionCollection, etc.) should go to kde4support.

DONE KTabBar: public QTabBar TODO added to cleanup page

DONE KTabWidget : public QTabWidget TODO added to qt5.1 epic

TO DO KTextBrowser : public QTextBrowser Adds icons in popup menu, support for clicking on mailto and http urls, user-configurable wheel event (zoom or scroll) <{{{3}}}>

TO DO KTextEdit : public QTextEdit ?? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO KToolBar : public QToolBar ?? <{{{3}}}>

DONE KUndoStack : public QUndoStack Could become two methods in a namespace, no subclass needed.

DONE KUrl : public QUrl Finish porting to QUrl, then move to kde4support

DONE KAction : public QWidgetAction See spreadsheet by Valentin Rusu, on k-f-d


DONE KLocale Already part of jlayt's plans

IN PROGRESS KColorDialog KColorDialog is almost identical to QColorDialog with slightly different api. KColorDialog adds a web color lineedit and a dropper button. Probably should go to kde4support

TO DO KMessageBox ?? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO KInputDialog ?? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO KFileDialog ?? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO KProgressDialog ?? <{{{3}}}>

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