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= Merging features in Qt 5.0 epic =
= Merging features in Qt 5.0 epic =
Quite some effort goes into Qt 5.0 in order to push into Qt some of the features which should be in Qt and not in KDE Frameworks. Usually because all Qt apps would benefit from them even outside the KDE world, and because this cuts dependencies between the KDE frameworks.
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'''Important''': The goal of this epic is to have all the features in Qt 5.0 before the feature freeze which is rumoured to happen "soon".
'''Target date''': Ideally all of this should be done by the '''end of January 2012''', to be sure not to miss the feature freeze.
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! Status
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!  width=250 | Contact
{{FeatureDone|QStandardPaths|David Faure}}
{{FeatureDone|QTemporaryFile (better defaults)|David Faure}}
{{FeatureDone|QObject::findChildren(Qt::FindDirectChildrenOnly)|David Faure}}
{{FeatureDone|QTemporaryDir|David Faure}}
{{FeatureDone|QCryptographicHash: QIODevice support, to replace KMD5| Sune}}
{{FeatureDone|Contact John Layt to get an [http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-frameworks-devel/2012-January/000174.html update] on locales/datetime|Mario Fux}}
{{FeatureDone|Refcounted quit|Stephen Kelly, change 10408}}
{{FeatureInProgress|QMimeType|David Faure, change 15585 for inclusion into QtCore]}}
{{FeatureInProgress|Improved locales|John Layt (see development list)}}
{{FeatureInProgress|Improved date/time|John Layt}}
{{FeatureInProgress|KUrl/QUrl merge|David Faure pushed the main SIC/BIC patches, Thiago Macieira has more (see development list)}}
{{FeatureInProgress|KDebug features into QDebug|Started by Kai Koehne (Nokia) in change 13433, next step is debug areas}}
{{FeatureTodo|KAction/QAction merge|Valentin Rusu}}
{{FeatureTodo|KSsl*/QSsl* merge|Richard Moore}}
{{FeatureTodo|Organize a meeting to decide what's needed to move i18n forward|Chusslove? Ossi?}}
Once a class is ready to be merged into Qt, it can also be added to KDE frameworks in libinqt5/src.
When we port KDE frameworks to Qt 5, we will get rid of libinqt5 and we'll use qt master directly.
If the addition to Qt is a new method rather than a new class, then an intermediate solution has to be found (e.g. QDir::removeRecursive is temporarily QTemporaryDir::removeRecursive in libinqt5, so that we know we use a Qt method for this, and we can easily port to the real Qt5 method when the time comes).

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Merging features in Qt 5.0 epic

This content has moved to http://community.kde.org/index.php?title=Frameworks/Epics/Contributions_to_Qt5

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