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Creating a table of contents (ToC)

The user has a document that uses styles; the styles used include three levels of headers. The user wants to create a ToC that shows two levels of headers.

Adding page numbers to a document

The user sets page numbers to a document, but wants both the title page and the ToC (which length is one page) to be without page numbers. The numbering starts from page number three.

Proofreading a document with multiple languages

The user has a document that is written mainly in English. There is one quotation in French, and the user sets the language definition for that part to be French. (The default language is set to be English). After the languages are set, the user proof reads the document using a proofreading tool.

Adding a bibliography

The user adds three references to a document: She sets the cursor to the places she wants the references to appear, and adds the references. When she's done, she scrolls to the end of the document and adds a bibliography with the information collected from the references.

Importing styles

The user has two different documents that belong to a certain project. In the other document she defines her own styles for both code examples and quoted text. She opens the other document and imports to the document the same styles she just created, and then defines the parts of the documents that she wants to present with these new styles.

Saving a document as a PDF

The user wants to make a high quality, printable PDF out of her document: She defines that she wants to make a high quality PDF and then she either saves the file as PDF, or prints, or exports the file to a PDF. (Possible methods depend on the programs possibilities, it might be so that only printing to PDF is possbile?)

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