Calligra/Usability and UX/Common/Web Browser-like UX for Main Window/Modern GUI of Calligra Words

  • Mockup: to be published on March 9th

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  • Comments: iWork's appearance outside of the page [1] [2] fits better in the new Words design than MS Word's appearance (inside)
  • Styles list: Use previews, not previews+names [3] save space and add aesthetics
  • Scrolling: on the Words mockup persistent scrollbar has been removed (position indicator within the document could added). Scrolling with preview would fit to the design [4]
  • Selection frames and handles:
    • iWork: They are different (more pleasant) on tablets[5] than on desktops[6].
    • QuickOffice[7] has rather nice handles for spreadsheet ranges[8][9]. Two colors (such as blue, white) used for handles are practical because of nice contrasting. More handles: [10] (note the extra handle for rotation).

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