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Started: Jstaniek 20:46, 6 April 2011 (UTC)


Q0: Shouldn't we agree that the main UX these days is web browsing UX?

See "Startup view integrated with the File menu".



  • Go with browser-like main window UX, so:
    • tabbed interface for multiple document handling
    • background loading - "speeds up" the app, makes it possible to quickly open multiple tabs (using thread(s), needs major rework or calligra internals)
    • background saving - "speeds up"
    • autosave - like in a browser app (uses the background saving, like google docs?)
      • Have access to the history of saves, so it is possible to back to the previous versions
      • Have a "Revert" button instead of reload
    • back/forward buttons could let hyperlinks work nicer
      • show recent documents history in these buttons
    • use hyperlinks instead of buttons and message bar instead of modal message boxes
    • in general, avoid modal dialogs
    • have browser-like search box for full-text search feature
    • re-use the URL bar:
      • for local files, somewhat show breadcrumbs to avoid unfriendly file:// URL
      • for remote URLs show the real URL
    • use bookmarks and history system
  • Have some "reading" mode, with much simplified UX
    • for read-only documents by default
    • or even have "reading" mode always by default, and display "Edit" button
  • Have a home page with templates and recent documents
  • Option: Embed QtWebKit browser or Konqueror (or any browser) in a tab web page link is clicked
    • Offer seamless editing of the page's content (then user moves from web browser's mode to)
    • Since users open many tabs, offer multi-clipboard for storing multiple snaps (text graphics); this helps to organize the work
  • Offer displaying multiple views of the same document in separate tabs, indicate visually these are for the same document, e.g.:
 ______ Notes.odt ______
| Chapter 1 | Chapter 7 |   <--- two tabs groupped as one

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