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Konqi on serious business.

The Community Working Group takes care of KDE's community members. It enables the KDE Community to work effectively by helping people resolve conflicts and maintain healthy interactions.

The Community Working Group was established at the General Assembly of KDE e.V. in August 2008. KDE e.V. website.

Goal and Strategy

The long-term goal of the Community Working Group is to help to maintain the KDE community as a friendly and welcoming place, thereby ensuring that KDE remains a great project enjoyed by all contributors and users.

The Community Working Group use a participative approach, acting as support staff who help where help is needed or requested. Examples include:

  • A technical argument is going on forever and damaging contributors' social relationships rather than being driven to a conclusion everyone can live with.
  • Someone needs help expressing their opinions or ideas to the rest of their team
  • Someone is being targeted for harassment

We actively approach members, where we feel it is necessary, to understand specific situations and offer help.

Healthy Teams

One of the initiatives we are developing is the Team Health Check. Please feel free to use this tool with your team, and adapt it to your needs.


To contact the CWG for any issues or situations that need help, write to [email protected]