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*What is the status?
*What is the status?
** [mrnhmath] unfinished, dev not active since 2014 https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?t=123484
** [mrnhmath] unfinished, some work done

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Repos WITHOUT frameworks branch


text to speech daemon


Music player

  • Who do we ask if they want to port it?
    • mpyne
    • sandsmark
    • [email protected]
    • [email protected]
      • [cfeck] There is initial porting work at github.com/KapiX/juk/commits/kf5
      • mpyne took a stab at a rewrite approach at https://bitbucket.org/mpyne/jukng
      • [cfeck] Are we able to merge work from github?
        • [mpyne] I'll take a look at the work but there's no reason that we can't take it as long as author is willing and code isn't completely insane.
        • [mpyne] I've taken a look and the work looks reasonable. I had to make a few changes to get it to build for me but it does run and at least startup for me.
      • [tosky] the author came to #kde-devel few weeks ago, so maybe we can reping him


  • Question: Do we need this or Qt5 accessibility is all we need in this regard?



Frontend for remote controls



Utility to assist with bulk file renaming

  • Who do we ask if they want to port it?
    • [scarpino] I can do the port if none step up.


Tool to check the current status of links in a web page

  • Who do we ask if they want to port it?
    • [cfeck] As far as I remember, the original author (Paulo) was interested to do (or help with) the port

Repos WITH frameworks branch


  • What is the status?
    • [mrnhmath] unfinished, some work done


  • What is the status?
    • [tosky] mostly working, requires some testing from people who used it more than me; a lot of kdelibs4support to be removed, but not a blocker


  • Master branch is KF5-based as of now, needs testing
    • Past discussion about the stability of QtSpeech: discussed on the distribution list; apparently going stable with Qt 5.10.


  • What is the status?
    • [tosky] it seems to be working; Frederik Schwarzer expressed some concerns while reviewing kdelibs4-based games about the embedded copy of Box2D, maybe it can be removed, but maybe it's not a blocker for merging frameworks into master.


  • for some reason branch is called kf5
  • What is the status?


  • for some reason branch is called kf5
  • What is the status?
    • [tosky] mostly working, but requires more restesting; there is a pending patch for musicbrainz5 support, which is not strictly a blocker, but it should be cleaned (some cmake files can be rewritten in a simpler way, or reimported from their newer versions, or shared): https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/127196/


  • Master branch is KF5-based as of now, needs testing


  • What is the status?
    • [tosky] it starts, but tiles are not loaded; debug needed
      • [stikonas] one of the problems is due to the use of palapeli:// prefixes for file locations. QStandardPaths wouldn't work with it. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the only problem, I still wasn't able to get it to slice puzzles after I removed those.
    • [stikonas] It starts now and tiles are loaded.


  • What is the status?
- One review is open (https://phabricator.kde.org/D5677), after that the frameworks branch should be ready for merging into master.


  • What is the status?
    • [tosky] it starts, but I found it difficult to test zeroconf in general, so I'm not sure if it works or not.

Weird repos


KF5 is in master but not default

  • Can we make KF5 default?
    • [tosky] a lot of work went into the pure KF5 branch ("frameworks") lately. With the last fixes by Jonathan Marten it should work; testing needed.
    • [asturm] long-term testing (alsa, no pulseaudio) has revealed no issues for me.


KF5 is in master, but also has kdelibs4 code

  • Can we remove kdelibs4 code?

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