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Repos WITHOUT frameworks branch which CAN be dropped


text to speech daemon


  • Qt5 provides by default a bridge from the Qt accessibility API to At-Spi



  • Frontend for remote controls. Unmaintained, no one ported it.

Repos WITHOUT frameworks branch



Utility to assist with bulk replacing in files

  • Who do we ask if they want to port it?
    • [scarpino] I can do the port if none step up.


Tool to check the current status of links in a web page

  • Who do we ask if they want to port it?

Repos WITH frameworks branch

juk [DONE]

Music player

  • Who do we ask if they want to port it?
    • mpyne reached out to, imported it as "frameworks" and started cleaning it.
      • issues solved, frameworks was merged into master on October 1st

kget [DONE]

  • What is the status?
    • [mrnhmath] unfinished, some work done
    • [wbauer] I spent some time during the last weeks to fix problems I noticed, e.g. opening the transfer history crashed, the bittorrent plugin wasn't built at all and needed some fixes to actually compile, disabled plugins disappeared from the settings, some incorrect QUrl usage that caused file:/xxx destinations being displayed and a folder hierarchy file:/xxx to be created,...
      I also ported it from KUniqueApplication to QApplication and KDBusService.

      Review Requests are upcoming, although I assume it's fine to commit minor fixes directly, right?

      The only remaining major problem I'm still facing is that downloads fail to start if the multiseg plugin is enabled (which it is by default). I'll try to investigate and fix this too, but in the worst case it could just be disabled for the release...
      Otherwise it seems to work fine here with my local changes (with multiseg disabled and using the normal kio plugin).

      So can we merge frameworks to master? AIUI this needs to be done before the dependency freeze tomorrow.
      (my fixes so far don't add any new dependencies anyway)
  • [wbauer] I merged the frameworks branch into master today (November 9th).

kimagemapeditor [DONE]

  • What is the status?
    • [tosky] mostly working, requires some testing from people who used it more than me; a lot of kdelibs4support to be removed, but not a blocker
    • [tosky] in the end, even with KDELibs4Support, frameworks was merged into master on November 8th

kmouth [DONE]

  • Master branch is KF5-based as of now, needs testing
    • Past discussion about the stability of QtSpeech: discussed on the distribution list; apparently going stable with Qt 5.10.

kolf [DONE]

  • What is the status?
    • [tosky] it seems to be working; Frederik Schwarzer expressed some concerns while reviewing kdelibs4-based games about the embedded copy of Box2D, maybe it can be removed, but maybe it's not a blocker for merging frameworks into master.
    • Heiko Becker tried to use the system Box2D but there are few weird behaviors. Even if kolf still depend on KDELibs4Support, and even with this dependency, the functionality looks on par with the kdelibs 4.x version, so tosky decided to merge frameworks into master on October 22th.

kopete [DONE in 18.04]

  • for some reason branch is called kf5
  • What is the status?


  • for some reason branch is called kf5
  • What is the status?
    • [tosky] mostly working, but requires more restesting; there is a pending patch for musicbrainz5 support, which is not strictly a blocker, but it should be cleaned (some cmake files can be rewritten in a simpler way, or reimported from their newer versions, or shared):
    • [asturm] musicbrainz support was bumped to 5 in kf5 branch after making some changes as described above. While that part seems to work fine, kf5 branch needs more polish to fix a lot of warnings, and there are other issues with the package that make it not a big loss if this is dropped for 17.12 - in both master and kf5 branch, I have never got it to play beyond the first track.
    • [stikonas] Now KDELibs4Support free and most of the build warnings are fixed.

ksirk [DONE]

  • Master branch is KF5-based as of now, needs testing

palapeli [DONE]

  • What is the status?
    • [tosky] it starts, but tiles are not loaded; debug needed
      • [stikonas] one of the problems is due to the use of palapeli:// prefixes for file locations. QStandardPaths wouldn't work with it. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the only problem, I still wasn't able to get it to slice puzzles after I removed those.
    • [stikonas] It starts now and tiles are loaded.
    • issues solved, frameworks was merged into master on September 1st

sweeper [DONE]

  • What is the status?

One review is open (, after that the frameworks branch should be ready for merging into master.

    • Frameworks branch was merged to master on 26 Aug.

zeroconf-ioslave [DONE]

  • What is the status?
    • [tosky] Found a way to test thanks to avahi-publish (zeroconf-ioslave recognizes webdav, ssh, sftp, ftp, and nfs).
    • frameworks merged into master on August 28th.

Weird repos

kmix [DONE]

KF5 is in master but not default

  • Can we make KF5 default?
    • [tosky] a lot of work went into the pure KF5 branch ("frameworks") lately. With the last fixes by Jonathan Marten it should work; testing needed.
    • [asturm] long-term testing (alsa, no pulseaudio) has revealed no issues for me.
  • [tosky]Discussed with Jonathan Marten, frameworks merged into master on September 19th.

umbrello [DONE?]

KF5 is in master, but also has kdelibs4 code

  • Can we remove kdelibs4 code?