Sign up to Volunteer!

To sign up, please follow these steps:

  • Before filling your name in, please read the Call for Volunteers.
  • Check out the tasks below to see what interests you.
  • Edit the table below and fill in your name and data. Please provide your name, the languages you speak, whether you are a local and/or know Bilbao, and when you are available.
  • Add your local mobile telephone number to your Akademy user profile.
  • Join the IRC channel #akademy on freenode

Available tasks

Before the event

  • print and fold name badges and put them into pouches
  • set up the venues:
    • hang banners and poster and signage
    • distribute cables in rooms
    • set up video
  • Wifi and other networking
    • check with College IT to ensure that requirements are met
    • check if there is a need for extra switches and LAN cables
  • Party coordination (Saturday)
    • work with venue before and during the event

During the event

  • Pre-registration (Friday afternoon/early evening)
    • check in attendees and hand out badges
    • print out new badges if necessary
  • Registration/Info desk (Saturday to Thursday)
    • check in attendees and hand out badges
    • print new badges if necessary
    • sell KDE merchandise
    • general point of information
  • Session chairs
    • check that the speaker has water
    • introduce the speaker
    • make sure that the talk starts and ends on time
    • moderate questions
  • Runner
    • able to drive a car
    • run errands, shop for stuff that might be missing
    • find people when needed
  • Party coordination
    • check party venue before attendees arrive
    • set up posters and other party stuff
    • check badges of attendees at entrance
    • help tidy up afterwards
  • Video operator
    • help record the talks
  • Group photo
    • assemble group
    • take picture of all attendees

After the event (Friday afternoon)

  • tidy venue
  • return sponsor materials
  • return other materials as necessary

Sign up to volunteer

(Please add your name and information)

Name/IRC nick/email Languages local knowledge (y/n)? days/times available comments
Claudia Rauch, claudiar, rauch at kde dot org German, English n 12-19 July set up venue, registration/info desk
Dani Gutiérrez, danitxu, jdanitxu at gmail.com Spanish, Basque, English y Full time, Full calendar
Cruz Borges, cruzki, cruz.borges at deusto.es Spanish, English y Full time, Full calendar
Smit Mehta, smitmehta, [email protected] English n 13-15 july Would like to volunteer for Session Chair
Neja Repinc, [email protected] English n 12 July name badges, banners/posters
Yash Shah, yashshah, [email protected] English n 13-15 July Session Chair and Registration desk
Laszlo Papp, [email protected] English, Hungarian no Any time Session Chair and video recording
Martin Klapetek, [email protected] English, Czech, Slovak n Anytime except Day2 (14th) from 14h to 16h Session chair
Adrián Chaves Fernández, Gallaecio, [email protected] English, Spanish, Galician n Full time, Full calendar
David Edmundson, [email protected] British English n Full time

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