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Introduction to KDE Embedded

We have two goals in the embedded support:

  1. Make usage of KDE products easy for industry usage.
  2. Show the versatility of KDE software by demonstrating the wide range of hardware on which it perfectly runs.

Our tool to do that is Yocto, which is the current de-facto industry standard for creating embedded devices in automotive and related industries.

Layer Packaging

We provide several Yocto layers that package up-to-date KDE software releases (Frameworks, Plasma, Gear/Applications). They are designed to supported a variety of currently (supported) Yocto versions, as they are common in downstream user products. We only support Yocto versions, which are not yet end-of-life.

Demo Images

Our demo images are configured in a way to provide an easy to use demo setup on selected target devices. The setups and devices such that they gain a maximum interest (e.g. very new RISC-V boards). The demo images are specifically not meant as ready-to-use end-consumer products.

We welcome every device creator, individual or company, to create awesome products that contain KDE software, but we expect them to do that on top of the supported Yocto layers.