KDE Windows Release 4.10.2 could be installed with the KDE on Windows installer and contains the following applications:

Application Description Notes
amarok a powerful music player
analitza a library for mathematical features
ark KDE Archive Manager
blinken a memory enhancement game
bomber arcade bombing game
bovo a gomoku like game
cantor a KDE frontend for mathematical software
dragon A multimedia player where the focus is on simplicity, instead of features.
filelight a graphical representation of your file system
granatier clone of the classic Bomberman game
gwenview Image viewer for KDE
kalgebra a graph calculator
kalzium periodic table of elements
kanagram a letter order game
kapman a pacman like game
kate the KDE text editor
katomic fun and educational game built around molecular geometry
kbibtex a BibTeX editor for KDE
kblackbox a game of hide and seek
kblocks a tetris like game
kbounce kde bounce ball game
kbreakout a breakout like game
kbruch Excercise fractions
kcachegrind GUI to profilers such as Valgrind
kcalc KDE's calculator
kcharselect a tool to select special characters from all installed fonts
kcolorchooser A small utility to select a color
kde-baseapps KDE base applications (Konqueror, Dolphin)
kdeedu a collection of educational applications
kdegames collection of computer games
kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer Strigi analyzers for various graphics file formats
kdenetwork KDE Networking applications (Kopete, KGet)
kdepim KDE's Personal Information Management suite
kdeplasma-addons All kind of addons to improve your Plasma experience
kdetoys some toy apps & games
kdeutils small utility applications (kgpg, kwallet, kcalc)
kde-workspace the KDE workspace including the oxygen style
kdiamond a bejeweled like game
kdnssd Network Monitor for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf)
kfourinline a Connect-Four like game
kgeography a geography trainer
kget A KDE Download Manager
kgoldrunner a maze-threading game with a puzzle flavor
kgpg a simple interface for GnuPG
khangman the hangman game
kig interactive geometry
kigo an open-source implementation of the popular Go game
kile a user friendly TeX/LaTeX editor for KDE
killbots a game of killer robots and teleportation
kiriki a Yahtzee dice game
kiten a Japanese reference/study tool
kjumpingcube a simple dice driven tactical game
klettres learn the alphabet
klickety a kind of solitary game that takes place on a Tetris-like board
klines a little game about balls and how to get rid of them
kmahjongg a Mahjongg game
kmines a minesweeper game
kmplot mathematical function plotter
kmymoney a personal finance manager for KDE MSVC 2010 release is broken, please use mingw x86 or x64
knavalbattle a ship sinking game
knetwalk a game for system administrators
kolf a miniature golf game
kollision a simple ball dodging game
kolourpaint KolourPaint is an easy-to-use paint program
kompare Graphical File Differences Tool
konquest a galactic strategy game
konversation a KDE based irc client
kopete a multiprotocol instant messenger
kpat a selection of solitaire card games
krdc A Remote Desktop Client frontend
kreversi a reversi game
kruler A pixel measuring tool for KDE
kshisen a shisen sho game
ksirk a Risk strategy game
ksnakeduel a simple snake duel game
ksnapshot A handy utility primarily designed for taking screenshots
kspaceduel SpaceWar! arcade game
ksquares dots and boxes game
kstars a desktop planetarium
ksudoku a sudoku puzzle game
kteatime KTeaTime is a handy timer for steeping tea.
ktimer a little tool to execute programs after some time
ktorrent A powerful BitTorrent client.
ktouch touch typing tutor
ktuberling a stamp drawing toy
kturtle educational programming environment
kubrick a game based on Rubik Cube
kwallet KDE Wallet Manager
kwordquiz a flash card trainer
lokalize Computer-aided translation
lskat Lieutnant Skat card game
marble the desktop globe
okteta KDE hex editor for viewing and editing the raw data of files.
okular KDE document viewer
pairs A memory and pairs game for KDE
palapeli a single-player jigsaw puzzle game
parley a vocabulary trainer
picmi A nonogram logic game for KDE
quassel a distributed IRC client
rocs rocs graph theory
skanlite a small application for image scanning
skrooge a personal finance manager for KDE
sweeper a tool to clean unwanted traces
umbrello GUI for diagramming Unified Modelling Language (UML)

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