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Akademy Talk001:34, 8 August 2018

Akademy Talk

Expand Peruse Creator’s abilities

Expand, what is the first thing which comes to our mind when we hear that word. To become large or extensive right! My project as part of Google summer of code 2018 was to Expand peruse creator, which would be mentored by Dan Leinir Thurthra Jensen.

In this small presentation, I am going to give a small explanation about my project, its scope and a small note on my working methods and outcomes.

One thing to take note is that this talk was prepared shortly after my GSoC second evaluation time period. So the project implementation is not complete, it’s only 70 per cent up, please excuse me.

So Let’s get started!

Peruse as all of you might know is one of the best open source comic book readers. Peruse comprises of viewer/ reader component for the reading the comic books and a small editing component Peruse Creator for making small editing work. My project is to make the peruse creator more feature rich and user-friendly.

The first part is to make a small image editing kind of component for the peruse creator. As a starting, I designed a simple canvas and a toolbox, The toolbox consists of a pen tool, eraser tool, selection tool and crop tools which are the basic image editing tools. The canvas packs an Important and handy feature for supporting layers, similar to that of GIMP and Photoshop.

I followed a model by which, I designed the QML/frontend for the canvas, toolbox and Layer model. And then started working on the c++ backend.

Preparing the backend of the tools, was one of the challenging parts of the project, This was the period in which my mentor helped me a lot.

The next step was the interlinking of the backend c++ with frontend QML. I am now very familiar with the Peruse Code base and started creating a patch for hooking my code into peruse’s main codebase.

Before integrating my components to peruse, now we are in the portion of testing all the bugs and flaws.

I am unable to give more elaborate and in-depth information about my project due to the time constraints. I hope everyone got a brief idea about my Summer Of code project.

Thank you all of you for your valuable attention, and special thanks to Leinr, my mentor for helping and supporting me throughout the time, Mrs Lydia and Mr.Bhushan Shah for providing support for me to come to this honourable event and whole KDE for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Thank You!

01:34, 8 August 2018

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