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Pending repositories to write svn2git rules for.


Konsole will get its own repository. The rest is split into runtime, apps, and workspace.

There's currently some trouble writing rules for konsole, involving a branch from kde4-porting days.



KDE Multimedia

Probably will split, but it's not 100% sure. KMix, Juk and DragonPlayer get their own repositories. The rest is being discussed.

Michael Pyne says:

juk.git, kmix.git, probably a libkcompactdisc.git. But that raises the question of what to do with kscd
kscd and audiocd kioslave are closely related IIRC, sharing libkcompactdisc and libkcddb; but they are separate apps
So if anything, they'd all be clumped in some kind of kdemultimedia-compactdisc repository....
ffmpeg/mplayer-thumbs and strigi-analyzers would all go together
And then that would leave juk, kmix, and dragonplayer

More discussion is taking place in the kde-multimedia mailing list.

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