This template expands to a table row, for use in Games/GitConversionProgress.

| bomber
| longname   = Bomber
| rulesby    = JD
| inprogress = 1
| scratchby  = JD 
| scratch    = scratch/johndoe/kdegames-bomber
| docscheck  = JD


First unnamed parameter
Repository name. The conversion rules are expected to be in kdegames/name-rules.
User-friendly name of the repository. May contain spaces, etc. It's used in the first cell of the table, as a row heading.
Initials of the author of the rules.
Marks the conversion as being a work in progress. If present, the initials of the rule author are shown with a percent sign following it. Otherwise, the initials are a link to the rules in the kde-ruleset repository.
Initials of the uploader of the scratch repository. If present, the scratch= parameter must be specified too.
Path to the scratch repository. Must be present if scratchby= is given.
Initials of the person who performed the 'foo' check. There are several parameters, one for each defined check. The defined checks are:
  • completenesscheck
  • docscheck
  • metadatacheck
  • headscheck
  • stablecheck
  • tagscheck
  • branchnamescheck
  • branchescheck

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