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Improve audio workflow: Designing an audio mixer

Project Name: Improve audio workflow: Designing an audio mixer.

Description: My SoK project was to design an audio mixer to kdenlive and improve the audio workflow.

Status :Almost completed.

Implementation :

1.First of all my task was to make blank dock widget in Kdenlive.

2.I created blank files audiomixer.cpp and audiomixer.h and added to kdenlive/src folder.

3.The audio mixer files were linked to the GUI using functions in mainwindow.cpp and core.cpp.

3.The building of mixer UI was started, it was linked to the timeline branch.

4.The number of audio tracks, track name and track number was printed.

5.The data was linked through projectmanager and timeline.

6.The dock widget was created.

7.The mixer widget can be selected from the view menu.

Work Report:


What I learned:

                                Kdenlive codebase
                               Got more familiar with work on Phabricator and other KDE tools
02:58, 26 March 2018

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